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Monday, October 4, 2010

Monsoon Wedding

Rom and I just recently got back from Goa in India where we had the honour of shooting a wedding for Shimauli and Gaurav. It was only a week or two before the monsoon season and you could literally see the moisture hanging in the air waiting to bucket down. The humidity gave everything a beautiful soft haze, and the sunsets were some of the most spectacular we'd ever seen. The ceremony took place down by the ocean, and the colours were so intense we had to actually desaturate some of the shots, otherwise it looked totally fake. With the high humidity and very high temperatures it was a struggle preventing our lenses from fogging up in the mornings. One of Rom's cameras was out of action for a while as moisture was literally dripping from it's mirror when he changed lenses.
I was sweating like I was in a sauna the whole time, but the upshot was I managed to lose about 5 kilos during the time we were there. Bonus!
I'm sure 35 bridesmaids is some kind of record too.