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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cover art for Marc Collis

Cover art for Marc, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

2 580 EXII's through brollies to the right of camera. Backlit with a sunset over Melbourne from Kew. First musician shot in a while. For cover art on his new album. I've also shot a couple of music clips for Marc now.


car, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

Wide brown land, with a 45mm Tilt Shift through Rom's windscreen.
On the way back to the reception after the beach.


rocks, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

One of about 30 dramatic beach shots that really worked for this wedding. Rom and I used to dread beach weddings, but after dozens of tests and lighting experiments, now we pretty much specialise in them!

rom contemplates life

rom contemplates, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

Rom looks out over the big blue wobbly thing. iPhone shot while scoping out locations for the wedding the next day.We ended up getting a few good shots in this spot. I'll post one later.

muddy shoes

muddy shoes, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

After we visited Bill's final resting place, Rom traipsed his muddy shoes through the hotel. And not just a little bit. He couldn't find his room, so he wandered the corridors for like 5 minutes before he finally found it.
This was after I'd cleaned up the mess a little.


bill, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

I was in a band in the early '80's, OK it was the late '70's (in my previous life as a musician) and one of the nice guys in the business was our drummer, Bill George. Rom used to take photos of the band back then and he also got to know Bill pretty well. We had a wedding come up in Port Fairy, and Bill lived in a small country town close by, so we thought 'hey let's drop in!' We hadn't seen him in nearly 15 years, and he would have really enjoyed a surprise visit.
Unfortunately we were 2 weeks too late.
Sadly missed by all, especially the lovely Gwen.

Petronas Towers

petronas towers, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

Petronas Towers taken with my iPhone. Quite beautiful at night.

sunset in Samporna

sunset semporna, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

Sunset in Samporna shot with my iPhone.
We went diving in Sipadan the next day.
I can't explain how amazing that was. If I had a waterproof housing for my iPhone I would have gone nuts with shots.
Thanks to Scuba Junkies in Samporna!

just one thanks!

just_one_thanks, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

They were serious about this offer. I asked, and yes, you buy one shoe, and the other one is free.

Great marketing. Sandakan.

gift shop at Sandakan airport

gift shop at the airport, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

Can't really think of a more inappropriate item to sell at an airport gift shop.

I think he's done a pretty good job with the eyes!

portrait, originally uploaded by brendan.oshea.

I shot this on my iPhone during my last night in Kuala Lumpur. Nobody else seemed to see the irony of the situation.